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Here you can find some resources about the best places to buy wow gear or get it yourself. World of Warcraft gear can be
hard to get sometimes so the point of these pages is not just to show what types of gear you can get but
also convince you that in most cases it's best just to buy wow gear instead of spending the time grinding.

There are several ways to obtain world of warcraft gear.
Below are these ways and what sites are best to use for each :

Buy WoW Gear
Check your wow gear at the armory^^

Many people will argue that buying wow items or gold is not cool. But reality is that it's the most logical way to get gear from beginning levels all the way to level 85.
Gear you can buy can be blue, green, or even epic gear. The only catch is it must be tradable (yes correct spelling :P). It must be BoE gear. Also known as bind on equip. This way it
can be mailed to you or traded in-game. If a wow gear company claims that they can get you Bind on Pickup gear -- BE CAREFUL. They will need your login info for
BoP gear and that is very unwise since most of those sites are in "foreign countries" and may steal your account or your gear. The ONLY way to safely buy wow gear is to use a company called LootFetch.
The players behind it have been selling MMO items since the days of Ultima Online and they are based in the USA with US support. They have been copied
by many sites out there over the years so beware of those other sites. These copycat sites tend to spam your character in-game, and hack accounts, among other things.
LootFetch will only sell BoE WoW gear and you can buy WoW gear, reputation items, mats, and profession leveling packs (that they also invented).
They were the first true site to sell World of Warcraft items instead of gold.

There is a very very important note to keep in mind. Buying wow gear is much safer than buying gold because items appear in the mail just as if they were coming
from a friend or an ordinary player. Especially when you buy it from LootFetch. They use all real players. Whereas buying gold -- well that all comes from those "foreign countries" (once again)
and 30% or more of that gold is hacked. If you buy gold from a hacked player then you can be banned. So buying items is 100% safe and that is why people do it.
It also saves you time (countless hours). Are you a busy person ? So what is you time worth ? What is your account safety worth to you ? Don't want to spend 100 hours getting
one or two pieces of gear ?? Save your sanity -- Check them out here :

Buying WoW Gear Online
Buy WoW Gear

The most trusted and oldest source for buying wow gear ^^

#2 - Getting WoW Gear in other ways that are very very slow
If you are not going to buy your world of warcraft gear then you can either raid for it, quest for it, or buy it from the auction house. Now these are the hard ways but
if you must then please select from the links below for each method. Feel free to bookmark this page since it's a great launch point to all the top World of Warcraft sites.
Just whatever you do -- don't give your account info to anyone EVER (power leveling + BoP wow gear) -- . It will bite you in the long run.


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